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As we are very close to the beach, you will find many long chairs to relax and sip cocktails. But you will also want to enjoy the beautiful reef of Roatan and discover the magical underwater world. Here is a selection of what is available walking distance to Seaside Inn.

Scuba Diving

Roatan is world renown for its scuba diving and amazing reef. It is elected regularly as a top 5 destination for diving and you will have the possibility to see it for yourself. We have partnered with several dive shops around us to offer you what works best for you!   Contact us for the best deal.  


For those who want to enjoy snorkeling, you will find access to the reef from West Bay beach. There you will be able to see multitudes of fishes, turtles and rays. We have some snorkels, masks and fins available. Just walk to the beach and enjoy the water!

Free Diving

For more adrenaline and direct contact with nature, you can enjoy free diving in Roatan. You will find several free diving schools on the island.

Glass Bottom Boats

For those of you who can't dive or swim, you can still enjoy the underwater of Roatan. Glass bottom boats tour are available on the island and will show you the magic happening in the reef.

Paddle Board

Another great way of discovering the reef is to paddle board on top of crystal clear water. You will be able to rent paddle board on the beach and set off  to the bay.


Kayaking is a fun activity to do on the island. By yourself or with a tour, you will be able to explore the different beaches on a quiet and crystal clear water. Kayak can be rent from different places around the island.


If the idea of going on a deep sea fishing charter in Roatan aboard a private charter boat really excites you, you will find many fishing tours on the island. You will be catching Big Game Fish such as Sailfish, Blue and Black Marlin and "Rodeo Fish" such as Mahi Mahi and Tuna.

Boat trips

There are many opportunities to be on a boat in Roatan. From party boat with live music, to catamaran or sailing boats, you will find what works for you. you will be able to visit the neighboring islands of Cayos Cochinos or Utila.

There are many activities on the island to enjoy. You will find several animal sanctuaries. You will see monkeys (and sloths), iguana and variety of birds. You will be able to spend an afternoon cruising in the middle of the mangroves. And for the more adventurous of you, you will enjoy zip-lining or a jungle tour on quad.

Mangrove tour

Mangrove tour on the island is one of the most beautiful tour. The fresh water is crystal clear so don't forget you swimwear!

Wildlife sanctuaries: Monkeys and Sloths

Several wildlife sanctuaries can be found on the island. Monkeys and sloths that are rescued from private owners can be seen. Also variety of birds can be discovered during the tour.

Iguana farm

On over 12 acres of beautiful tropical forest, over 4,000 iguanas roam freely in a protected haven. Some grow up to four feet long! Get up close and personal with one of Roatan's most exotic lizards, the Green Iguana. Visitors can pet and feed the friendly reptiles.


Over 7 zipline tours are available all over the island. They will bring you from the top of Roatan through the jungle into the beach.

Seaside Inn is walking distance to many restaurants and bars. You will find many of them on West Bay Beach. Roatan has a lot of variety of restaurants located in West Bay and West End but also all over the island. Honduran, Mexican for local food; Spanish, Mediterranean, Italian for European foodies; Indian, Chinese and Thai for Asian food lovers. The island has also many bars on the beach with live music and karaokes.  A brewery just opened as well. And you will be able to do some Rum tasting very close to Seaside Inn.


Roatan Island Brewing opened in 2018. You can go and taste their beer at the brewery the weekend or go to some selected bars in West Bay and West End. You will have the choice between more than 10 types of beers.

Rum tasting

Roatan Rum Company will welcome you everyday of the week to taste their different aromatized rum. Located between West Bay and West End, it has a beautiful view of the Bay.

Chocolate factory

The chocolate factory in Roatan creates the finest chocolate in Central America while also giving back to the local indigenous communities and protect the rainforest where the cacao comes from.